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Whether it’s to commemorate an old pet or celebrate a new one, a custom pet statue is just what you need. These statues make great gifts for friends and family and are a perfect addition to your home decor.

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Custom Pet Statues

Custom Pet Statue

Sizes: 6 - 45 inches

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One-of-a-kind Custom Creations 

Our 3 main categories of products include full body statues, busts, and 3D portraits. We will create the 3D model from scratch based on your pet, creating a completely unique print. All of these options then are hand-painted based off of your photos to look just like your pets!

Joe Biden Dog Statue

How it works

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Step 1. Place your order and email pictures of your pet

Determine the size of the statue you want as well as any add-ons. Add item to the cart and complete quick and easy checkout process, then reply to a confirmation email with a pictures of your pet

custom pet 3d model

Step 2. Approve digital Model of your pet

In this stage, we sculpt your pet digitally and send it to you for approval. Pay attention to the shape of your overall pet as well as within the details, such as the ears and the face.

custom pet final product

Step 3. Approve the painted Statue 

Once 3D printed, our in-house artist hand-paints your pet. We will then take photos and send them to you for your review. Here you will let us know how everything looks and if any changes need to be made.

bluto custom pet statue

Handcrafted with Care 

At Bond’s 3D Studio, we take pride in crafting your pet statues with great attention to detail. All of our creations are made in-house. Models are digitally sculpted by our experienced 3D modelers, products are printed in our 3D printing studio, and our talented artists add the finishing touches to bring your piece to life.

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Create a living memory

Snapshot your pet in different stages of their life

Honor your lost loved ones

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