5 Ways to Memorialize a Pet

5 Ways to Memorialize a Pet

There are so many joys that come with being a pet owner. After all, a pet becomes a part of your family for years. But what happens when it is time to say goodbye? It is simply part of nature that we will generally outlive our pets. For many families, saying goodbye to a beloved furry friend means a desire to memorialize your pet. Here are seven ways that you can do this, helping preserve the memory of your cherished companion.


1. Custom Pet Memorial Statue

One of the best ways to memorialize your pet is through a life size dog statue. These dog statues are 3D printed in your dog’s likeness in order to create a customized memento of your pet. It sits atop an ash urn. Many families keep these items on a mantle or near their dog’s favorite spot in the home. If you aren’t planning on cremating your pet, you can still memorialize them with a life size dog statue without the accompanying urn. This is a great way to feel like your pet never left, making it an excellent choice for dog lovers wanting to remember their beloved pet. 


2. Photo Album

A photo album is a great way to help bring some closure into your life. There are going to be days when you want to go through your memories. Now, most people keep all of their photos stored digitally. While this works for many purposes, it can make it a bit difficult to find the pictures you want to look at. Printing off some photos from the course of your pet’s life and putting them into an album gives you plenty of memories to look at, with each photo having a unique story. This is an excellent way for dog lovers to remember their pup. 


3. Share on Social Media

There are probably many people that cared about your pet. Sharing photos and thoughts of them on social media can help with the healing process. It also provides others an opportunity to share their own memories and thoughts of comfort. Another great idea when you first get your pet is to create a blog. You can use this to post photos and stories of your pet throughout its life, creating an ever-evolving place for pet memories to be kept. 


4. Donate in Their Memory

For many pet lovers, a great way to keep the memory of their pet alive is to do something in their memory that can give back to others. A popular thing for many dog lovers is to give money to a pet-related charity such as a research center, animal shelter, or rehabilitation center. For others, they want to do something more tangible like pay for a bench in a favorite dog park or create a “free treat station” on the front lawn for passing dogs on walks. There are many ways to give back in your dog’s honor. 


5. Paint a Painting

While you may not feel that you are necessarily the artistic type, you may not need to be in order to paint a memento of your department pet. There are a number of places where you can do wine and painting nights and make a portrait of your dog with the help of an artist. If this isn’t something you’re interested in, but you’d still love a portrait, you can always commission a local artist. Want something less abstract? A bust statue of your pet is perfect for displaying. 

Final Thoughts

Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is always difficult. However, there are many things that dog lovers can do in order to memorialize their pet. When saying goodbye, keep in mind these ideas for how to help keep the memory of your pet alive.