Can You Clone Your Dog?

Can You Clone Your Dog?

We love our dogs, and the thought of saying goodbye to one is never something we want to do. In fact, you may have thought how nice it would be to be able to clone your own dog, being able to keep the dog in the family forever. Well, you may be surprised to find that cloning dogs is something that is possible. Let’s look into this process and what it involves. 

Origins of Cloning Dogs

The first attempt at cloning a dog took place at Texas A&M University in 1997. The project utilized $3.7 million in an attempt to clone a dog known as Missy. Unfortunately, this attempt did not result in success as scientists found that cloning dogs is more difficult than that of many other types of animals. 

However, in 2005, Seoul National University successfully cloned the first ever dog, an Afghan hound named Snuppy. This utilized a type of technology known as somatic cell nuclear transplant, which ultimately cracked open the secret to successfully cloning dogs. 

Thus, it is no surprise that the first company to offer cloning services to pet owners was located in South Korea as well. The Sooam Biotech Research Foundation provides prospective clients with the opportunity to clone their very own pup. 

Considerations with Cloning Your Dog

While cloning your dog may seem like a great idea, the reality is that there are a few important considerations that you may want to think about first. One of the biggest ones involves price. While the technology has existed for nearly two decades now, it is still incredibly expensive. Thus, you can expect to pay approximately $50,000 to clone your dog. Obviously, this is a huge deterrent for most. 

Another important consideration is what cloning means. While a dog’s clone will be genetically identical as the original, it will not be the same dog. The dog will look the same and have a very similar temperament; however, part of temperament comes from how a dog is raised. However, your cloned pup will obviously not have any memories that your former dog had. Many people think cloning a dog provides an opportunity to have their pup live on. While the clone would be genetically identical, it would still be a distinct dog in many ways. 

Remember Your Pet in Other Ways

If you are searching for a way to remember your pet, there are many more affordable options to keep your pet in your heart. People are increasingly considering pet memorials such as custom pet sculptures. The advent of 3D printing makes it easy to reconstruct impressive replicas of your pet. 

Bond’s 3D Pets is a leading company in the creation of these 3D printed pets. We take photographs of your pet and print a 3D model that is then carefully hand painted by artists in order to look just like your precious pup. 

You can find many different varieties of options in our store including miniature and life sized dog statues. All of our custom statues are made with the goal of providing a lasting representation of your beloved dog that will be a precious keepsake for the rest of your life. It is normal to want to remember your pet, and our custom pet sculptures serve as the perfect pet memorial.