Famous Dogs We’ll Never Forget

Famous Dogs We’ll Never Forget

If you’ve ever owned a dog, you know that they will take a special place in your heart. Every now and then, a dog becomes so famous that they will truly never be forgotten by society. Let’s take a look at some of the famous dogs that we will never forget. 


This famed collie is perhaps the most famous dog in the world. Lassie was the lead of a television show (and multiple movies) that ran for nearly two decades. Lassie was the beloved canine of the Martin family who would always work to save the day. 

All total, there were nine different dogs that played Lassie. All nine were descendants of the same initial dog, which helped ensure a continuity of looks. Collies are very dependable dogs, which is a trait that certainly came through on this television series. 


When thinking about dogs from television and cinema, Toto is another one that almost immediately comes to mind. Of course, Toto was Dorothy’s beloved pup in The Wizard of Oz. Despite his popularity, many people are not familiar with the breed of this dog. 

Since he looks quite a bit like a Yorkshire terrier, many people are under the impression that this is the breed used in the film. While the terrier part is correct, Toto was actually a Cairn terrier, a breed native to Scotland that was chosen due to their personality as being assertive and fearless. 


Not all immortalized dogs are from fictional universes. In fact, many of them had important places in history. One of these is Sotor, which helped save the Greek city of Corinth from invasion by the Persians in 456 BC. 

As the Persians began invading the city, they attempted to silence the 50 guard dogs in order to keep their presence quiet. However, Sotor escaped and alerted the entire city, who were able to wake up and fend off the invasion. If you visit Corinth today, you can see a large statue of Soter. 


You may not have heard of Peps before, but if you are a student of classical music, you have almost certainly heard his story. Peps was the dog of famed composer Richard Wagner, who is most known for his piece “The Ride of the Valkyries.” 

Peps would sit beside the composer in his own special chair. Wagner would keep passages or throw them away based on how the dog reacted. Peps was a King Charles Spaniel that had a significant influence on our musical history. 


Perhaps the most famous dog in all of Alaska, Balto came to center stage in 1925 when there was a diphtheria outbreak in Nome, Alaska. Of course, the major problem was that the treatment was in Anchorage, 650 miles away. The weather made flying the medication too dangerous. 

The solution lied in a series of sled dog teams, led by Balto. This Siberian husky and others pulled sleds day and night in horrible weather. In fact, Balto even took lead on the final segment as the team meant to take over were asleep. As such, many people were saved from the outbreak. 


There have been many well-known presidential pets over the years; however, one of the most popular was Checkers, who was Richard Nixon’s cocker spaniel. In fact, this dog became front and center in what is now known as the “Checkers speech” where Nixon diverted accusations of accepting illegal campaign contributions by introducing the pooch he had accepted as a gift. 

The speech raised his ratings and extended his political career, helping launch Checkers to fame. It is no surprise that Nixon loved a cocker spaniel given their reputation as being a loving and affectionate dog. Who could resist? 

What Does It Take to Immortalize a Dog? 

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