Most Popular Breeds of Dog

Most Popular Breeds of Dog

We love dogs, and one of the greatest things about dogs are the wide variety of breeds in which they come. You may often find yourself wondering which breeds are the most popular. While the answer definitely changes a bit over time, here is a list of some of the most popular breeds of dog today. 

Labrador Retriever

There are few dogs as hyper, loving, and intelligent as a Labrador retriever. These are truly great sporting dogs, particularly for people who love spending lots of time outdoors. They can be great companions for people who love to run or hike and are also quite affectionate. 

We have made some great 3D printed pet statues of labs over the years with this being one of the most popular items we offer. In fact, one of our favorites is a black lab memorial statue that we made for a recent client. 

German Shepherd

The German shepherd is a loving and protective family dog that has been known for having strong bonds with its owners. These specific dogs love physical activity and need to be exercised often. Thus, they are good dogs for people with large yards or easy access to dog parks. 

We have also made a wide variety of different German shepherd statues for clients. Of course, all of our statues can be custom painted from one of your dog’s photos, ensuring that you get a perfect representation of your beloved pooch. 


Doodles are a somewhat new variety of crossbred dog that are increasingly loved by many people. These breeds are crossbred with poodles with some of the most popular being the labradoodle, goldendoodle, and bernedoodle. They are often known for their curly hair and coats that are relatively shed-free. They tend to have a balance of intelligence and friendliness as well. 

Whether you are looking for a labradoodle statue, a bernedoodle figurine, or some other custom pet sculpture, we are more than happy to get you a product that best displays the character and expressiveness of your beloved pup. 

English Bulldog

Who doesn’t love the friendly yet almost comical look of an English bulldog? These are very friendly and gregarious animals that tend to be great playmates. Their wrinkled face is their trademark. A great feature of these dogs is that they are dependable and predictable, typically very loving to adults and children. However, they are also good watchdogs that will alert you to potential concerns. 

If you have an English bulldog that you would like to make into a custom pet sculpture, we know that you will love our products. Our English bulldog statue is carefully 3D printed and can be detailed to make a spot-on representation of your pooch. We only need a few photos. 

French Bulldog

While the English bulldog is strong and stout, the French bulldog is a smaller breed that can make for a great apartment dog. These dogs are very intelligent, social, and lively. They make wonderful pets and are among the most popular breeds in recent years. They are perhaps best known for their bat-like ears. 

We’ve produced many French bulldog statues over the years for client who want to immortalize their dog and others that want to remember their pet. Our 3D printed French bulldog statues are the perfect way to replicate your own pup. 


Whether miniature or standard, poodles have always been a breed that are loved by many. These dogs are known for being very smart and easily trained. It may surprise you to learn that they were first bred as hunting dogs. Thus, they are great at playing fetch. 

Like the other breeds, we have made many poodle statues as this is one of the most frequently purchased items from clients who are making pet memorials. Of course, we are able to make a wide variety of custom pet statues and are always happy to help work with you whether you have one of the more popular breeds or another wonderful canine friend.