Unusual Breeds of Dog

Unusual Breeds of Dog

Here at Bond’s 3D Pets, we have a lot of experience making custom dog figurines for many of the most popular breeds. From black lab memorial statues to German shepherd statues, we’ve done it all. However, one of the great things about 3D pets is that it enables us to make life size dog statues for virtually any breed. This got us thinking about some of the more unusual breeds of dog, giving birth to this article. 

Bergamasco Sheepdog

There are a variety of different types of sheepdogs; however, this one truly stands out for its unique look. If you were to see a Bergamasco Sheepdog walking your way, it would look a lot like a giant mop with a tongue was trotting towards you. 

This is because of the dog’s unique coat which has thick strands of hair that look just like a mop and somewhat like furry linguini noodles. These dogs originate from Iran’s mountains and are very social animals that need a lot of exercise. 

Irish Wolfhound

With a name like Irish wolfhound, you probably already realize that this dog is going to be fairly extreme. In fact, what makes it truly stand out from others is its massive size. This dog can stand on its hind legs and reach heights of seven feet. 

This dog has its origin as a hunting dog. In fact, the name wolfhound comes from the fact that it was used to hunt wolves. It is incredibly fast and also a very good guard dog. Like most large animals, this one also needs a ton of exercise in order to stay happy. 

Rhodesian Ridgeback

The Rhodesian ridgeback is named for the trademark ridge that appears down its back. It was originally bred in Zimbabwe. These dogs are known for being incredibly sturdy and tough. In fact, they became well known for being able to survive encounters with large predators, leading to them eventually being used to hunt lions. 

Today, you won’t find these animals hunting lions. Rather, you will find them typically loyal companions that need to live indoors near their family members. They are very independent animals that can be a bit tough to train but are great breeds for people who are quite patient. 

Chow Chow

Chow Chows (or simply “chow” for short) are dogs whose name translates to “puffy lion dog.” If you take a look at one, it is no surprise how this moniker originated. After all, chows have the face of a lion and a very puffy coat. 

Chows are known for their tail as well as their purple tongues. They are wonderful guard dogs and incredibly loyal to their owners. Most chows will tend to imprint on one specific member of a family and prefer to spend most of their time with that person. 

Chinese Crested

If you’ve never saw a Chinese crested breed before, you should probably google a photo because this is a truly unusual breed of dog. It is nearly hairless with the exception of very fluffy hair on its head, tail, and paws. As a result, it looks almost like this dog is wearing a wig. 

The Chinese crested is not actually from China. In reality, it is thought to originate in Mexico. The belief is that Spanish conquistadors brought the dogs back and later gave them as gifts in China. These dogs are known for being lively and affectionate, making them a very sociable breed to own. 

Final Thoughts

As a company that produces quality 3D printed pets, we love learning more about different dog breeds including some of the more unusual. While we may not have all of these breeds available, you’ll be quite surprised by the number of breeds we can make custom pet figurines of. From shih tzu statues to English bulldog statues and many things in between, shop our statues by breed to see if we can make a custom pet sculpture of your pup.