Why a Custom Dog Statue Makes a Great Gift

Why a Custom Dog Statue Makes a Great Gift

If you are like most people, you tend to put a lot of thought into gift giving. Whether you are picking out a birthday present, holiday gift, or present for another occasion, you want to know that the recipient will really appreciate the time and effort you put into finding the right gift for them. 

Gift giving can be difficult sometimes, particularly if you have people in your life who seem like they already have everything they’d ever want or need. However, when it comes to the pet owners closest to you, a custom dog statue is a gift that they are sure to love. Let’s take a look at the reasons why these 3D printed replicas make the perfect gift for the dog lover in your life. 


Perhaps the most essential quality of a meaningful gift is the thought behind it. Sure, there are tons of cool things you can get for the people in your lives, but few things are as thoughtful as something directly related to them. We tend to have special bonds with our pets. After all, they are a part of our families. 

Thus, one of the biggest benefits of gifting a 3D printed statue of someone’s pet is the thoughtfulness. It sends the message that you considered things that are valuable to that special animal lover in your life and decided to get them a gift they simply cannot find anywhere else. 


People are increasingly trying to find gifts that stand out and are unique. In an increasingly commercialized world, that can become quite hard to find. When many people are getting the newest tech gadget or old standards like clothing, it can be difficult to identify a gift that will truly stand out from the rest. 

If there is one thing that these 3D printed pet statues are, it is unique. In fact, each item is custom modeled, 3D printed, and hand painted by in-house artists to ensure that your pet replica looks just like the real thing. Whether your loved one is a dog person, cat person, bird person, or anything in between, this is a truly unique gift.  

Sentimental Keepsake

One of the best qualities of a custom dog statue is that it will become an instant keepsake. While trends come and go, this 3D printed pet statue will undoubtedly hold a fond place in the recipient’s heart for the rest of their life, becoming proudly displayed in their home. 

After all, while we truly love our pets, the reality is that we do tend to outlive them. While eventually saying goodbye to a pet is always bittersweet, having an item that provides such a vivid memory of your beloved companion can help make it a bit easier knowing that the memory of your pooch will live on. 

Versatile Options

One of the great things about gifting a 3D printed pet gift is that there are simply many options to choose from. Of course, there is the full body statue in all its glory, providing a lifelike replica of a pet in a variety of sizes. This gift can be customized with name tags, stands, and positioned in a variety of ways. 

However, Bond’s 3D Pets also provides the option of a regal bust of your pet. If that still doesn’t quite fit the bill, a 3D portrait is a great option that can be hung on a wall, providing more options for displaying your loved one’s pet. The variety of options means there is likely a type of custom dog statue that someone in your life will adore. 


Finally, gifting someone a custom dog statue is simply an unexpected gift item. Just imagine the look on their face when they open the package only to find their canine friend staring back at them. You can almost see the smile on their face now, can’t you? And the realistic look from 3D printing will blow them away. 

If you want to purchase a gift that will truly be something they never expected, getting a custom designed statue of their pet is a great way to go. They will never guess what is in store for them when they unwrap that box.