Why a Custom Pet Statue is the Perfect Gift for the Whole Family

Why a Custom Pet Statue is the Perfect Gift for the Whole Family

Technology is rapidly changing, and one of the most impressive aspects of technology on the market today is 3D printing, which is revolutionizing the accuracy with which models can be created. We have taken this technology and utilized it for the important task of creating lasting memories of your beloved pets through 3D printed custom pet statues. In addition to being lifelike in accuracy, these statues make the perfect gift for the whole family. Let’s take a look at why your family is sure to love a custom pet statue. 

Who Is a Custom Pet Statue a Great Gift For? 

As you can likely tell from our introduction, we think that a custom pet statue is the perfect gift for virtually any member of the family. It is a great way to memorialize your dog or cat, providing an important keepsake to be cherished for eternity. 

For example, one of our 3D printed statues is an excellent gift for a deployed soldier who lives far away from the family. While they cannot bring their dog with them, the statue allows you to memorialize the dog, sending a reminder that he or she can carry with them while they are away. Small reminders of home such as this can be a huge surprise. 

The statue is also a great gift for a child. Children absolutely love their pets and creating a 3D printed statue of a child’s favorite pet is sure to be something that generates a lot of excitement. Just imagine their excitement opening such a wonderful gift on their birthday or Christmas morning. 

These gifts are also quite popular for families who live apart. Obviously, your beloved pooch cannot be in two places at once. However, with a custom pet statue, it can always feel like your pup is close to heart even when it is far away. This is a very thoughtful gift for a family member who cannot be at home whether a college student or someone else near and dear to you. 

What Are the Best Ways to Display Your Custom Pet Statue? 

When you memorialize your dog, one thing that you want to think about is how to display it. The reality is that there are many different ideas for how to best display your custom pet statue. 

One of the most popular methods is to put it near a favorite place for your dog. This is particularly a favorite option for people who are purchasing a statue to recognize a pet that has passed on. Whether that place is by the fireplace, near the front door, or beside a favorite recliner, having the statue in a place that your dog loved is always a great choice. 

Another popular idea is to capture the lifespan of your dog with a series of custom pet statues. For example, a family could opt to get a statue made when the dog is a puppy, one when they reach adulthood, and a final one late in life. In many ways, these custom pet statues would be like a real life photo album that shows how your dog changed throughout its years. Think of all the happy memories this could bring back. 

Of course, some people prefer to opt for a different method of 3D printing than our full body statues. Some people opt for our busts, which are great for displaying on a mantel or bookshelf. Others prefer a 3D portrait, which works particularly well for a multi-pet household or to capture looks throughout a dog’s lifespan. You can make a wall decorated in your beloved pup. 

Final Thoughts

When you are ready to memorialize your dog, a custom pet statue is a great way to go. It is sure to be loved by the entire family particularly those who may find themselves away from home for an extended time period. There are a variety of ways to display this beautiful replica, giving your dog a prominent place in the home.